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Reviews from our patients:

Ramon Antonio Luque Moreno

Everyone was very kind and explained to me at all times what the treatment was about and asked me if I had any doubts or questions related to the treatment, everything was very well organized.

Sara Fernández V

The doctor is very professional and attentive, he gives me a lot of confidence. He answers all my questions and always asks me if I have any other doubts.

María del Carmen Rincón Fernández

Dr. Caamaño was very kind, cordial, clear, and precise explanations before the two studies. He is patient when performing them, calm and gentle. He seems experienced and very knowledgeable in his specialty. The studies were performed on time. Attentive and friendly staff. Pleasant experience and confidence on my first visit. Thank you.

Ana Laura Higuera Vallejo

Excellence in everything, from the moment you arrive, the facilities, the staff that attends you, the Dr. was very professional and the therapies, all excellent, they give you a lot of security, I was satisfied with the treatment, highly recommended.

Lourdes Avila

Dr. Martinez Caamaño is constantly updating himself to increase the quality standards in the treatment and outcome of patients. I am currently receiving an ozone therapy treatment and have felt excellent results from the first dose, improving my energy level, improving my quality of sleep, and faster recovery from a very bad flu. Dr. Caamaño strives to be at the forefront of knowledge and has the latest technology equipment for treatments.

Rosa Martinez

Excellent treatment, the doctor was very professional, and the timely treatment achieved a full recovery. Also, the staff was very friendly and the facilities were clean at all times. If necessary I would return without hesitation.

Eliot Terron

Dr. Caamaño was very gentle with my treatment due to a car accident in which I had a lot of pain throughout the thoracic area, giving me an immediate response, medication for treatment, and the corresponding therapy. The prices are very affordable and his staff is highly trained. Highly recommended.

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